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Disqus(ting) / Fwd: What’s Wrong with Disqus? 2017-05-08 No Comments

What’s Wrong with Disqus? / Replacing Disqus with Github Comments (donw.io)

Fwd: Security (or lack of) at Number26 2017-01-09 No Comments

Hi! I would like to share a talk that I attended at 33c3. It’s about a company with a banking license and accounts with actual money. Some people downplay these issues as “yeah, but the issues were fixed” and “every major bank probably has something like this”. I would like to reply: With a bit […]

Fwd: (German) Telefónica verkauft Bewegungsdaten seiner O2/E-Plus-Kunden (auch blau.de) No Comments

Telefónica verkauft jetzt Bewegungsdaten seiner O2/E-Plus-Kunden http://winfuture.de/news,94116.html Widersprechen auf: https://www.telefonica.de/dap/selbst-entscheiden.html

arc4random_uniform and avoiding modulo bias when using a random number generator 2016-07-30 No Comments

Using the arc4random_uniform function is recommend over using arc4random: Former is advertised as not having “modulo bias” issues, see man arc4random. (So I got curious, searched the web a bit, found this blog post, this answer and this link to the source code of one version used by Apple’s. It took me a bit to […]

Disable Komodo IDE debugger (bound to, run by default) 2016-03-14 No Comments

Komodo IDE starts a debugger bound to, by default. Maker ActiveState’s reaction was rather unprofessional at the time when I asked for an option to bind to, instead. I can no longer add links to that post, but I can link to my demo Komodo IDE exploit script up here. Now it seems […]

Fwd: The Case of the Modified Binaries / Downloading binaries through plain http:// 2015-08-24 No Comments

It seems I forgot to forward this when it blew my mind the first time. If you still need a reason to not download binaries from http:// URLs, this is it: The Case of the Modified Binaries http://www.leviathansecurity.com/blog/the-case-of-the-modified-binaries/ While SourceForge is another story, they are an example of a website offering binaries through plain http://, […]

Fwd: One in every 600 websites has .git exposed 2015-07-27 No Comments

One in every 600 websites has .git exposed http://www.jamiembrown.com/blog/one-in-every-600-websites-has-git-exposed/

Fwd: Hacking Team: a zero-day market case study / Adobe Flash 2015-07-25 No Comments

I ran into this on Twitter, found it a very interesting read. Hacking Team: a zero-day market case study

Comment vulnerability in WordPress 4.2 2015-04-27 No Comments

Hanno Böck tweeted about WordPress 4.2 Stored XSS rather recently. The short version is: if an attacker can comment on your blog, your blog is owned. Since the latest release is affected and is the version I am using, I have been looking for a way to disable comments globally, at least until a fix […]

Apache AddHandler/AddType vulnerability: Magento <1.9.1 affected 2015-04-26 No Comments

I ran into an example of a web application vulnerable to Apache AddHandler/AddType misconfiguration by chance today. The releases notes of Magento Community Edition 1.9.1 point to a remote code execution vulnerability. Interestingly, the section Determining Your Vulnerability to the File System Attack is precisely a switch from AddHandler to SetHandler. Fantastic! Let’s see if […]