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CVE-2013-0340 "Billion Laughs" fixed in Expat 2.4.0

libexpat is a fast streaming XML parser. Alongside libxml2, Expat is one of the most widely used software libre XML parsers written in C, precisely C99. It is cross-platform and licensed under the MIT license.

Expat 2.4.0 and follow-up release 2.4.1 have both been released earlier today. Release 2.4.0 fixes long known security issue CVE-2013-0340 by adding protection against so-called Billion Laughs Attacks, a form of denial of service against applications accepting XML input, in all known variations, including recent flavor Parameter Laughs.

I first became interested in detecting Billion Laughs Attacks back in 2008, 13 years ago, already in context of Expat at the time, but on top of it rather than from the inside, and long before I joined maintaining Expat in July 2016. In 2017 the topic got back on my radar, and by 2020 I eventually decided to make the topic a personal priority. In an e-mail conversation with Nick Wellnhofer in June 2020, Nick wrote:

I came to the conclusion that the most sensible check is to make sure that the total size of the output in bytes doesn't exceed the input size by a certain factor[.]

I was doubtful at first, digested it for multiple days, and then I was sure that he was right. Nick's conclusion became the foundation of my implementation for protection in Expat. That factor between input and output bytes is what the term "amplification" is about, that you will find used throughout the documentation.

Besides this security fix, there is the usual bunch of fixes and improvements in tooling, documentation, and the two build systems. For more details, please check out the change log.

If you maintain Expat packaging or a bundled copy of Expat or a pinned version of Expat somewhere, please update to 2.4.1. Thank you!

Sebastian Pipping