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Disable Komodo IDE debugger (bound to, run by default)

Komodo IDE starts a debugger bound to, by default. Maker ActiveState's reaction was rather irritating to me at the time when I asked for an option to bind to, instead (update: page offline by now). I can no longer add links to that post, but I can link to my demo Komodo IDE exploit script up here. Now it seems like the option to disable or even customize debugger settings was removed from the GUI: I cannot find it in version 9.3.2. I found a workaround when reading the source code that allows to still plug that hole in my setup. If I tweak the config file to an invalid port (outside of 0..65535 range), the debugger will just not start-up but Komodo starts up with no complaints. Nice :-)

# fgrep debuggerListenerPort ~/.komodoide/*/prefs.xml
  <long id="debuggerListenerPort">77777</long>
  <string id="debuggerListenerPortType">specific</string>

If you use that trick, be sure to check the version number in the path so you edit the latest / actually used version, 9.3 in my case.