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uriparser 0.9.0 released, includes security fixes

Earlier today uriparser 0.9.0 has been released. Some highlights of version 0.9.0 include:

  • Security fixes for issues uncovered by the Google Autofuzz team

  • Support for custom memory managers for when libc calloc, free, malloc, realloc, reallocarray are not a good fit to your scenario

  • New uriParseSingleUri* convenience functions to simplify user code

  • Full support for strict C89 restored and enforced by CI

I cannot over-emphasize how helpful AddressSanitizer has been in making this new release. If you get stuck while writing a custom memory manager, please check out helpers uriTestMemoryManager and uriCompleteMemoryManager.

For more details please check the change log.

Last but not least: If you maintain uriparser packaging or a bundled version of uriparser somewhere, please update to 0.9.0. Thank you!