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Making Audex use MusicBrainz (rather than FreeDB) 2012-08-12 2 Comments

From my experience, MusicBrainz‘s data is more complete and of higher quality than that from FreeDB. Sadly, the official list of MusicBrainz enabled CD rippers lists a single CD ripper for Linux, only: Sound Juicer. In the “spirit of GNOME” Sound Juicer aims to stay as minimal as possible, which exclude features like custom folder […]

Before svn2git you want to run: svneverever 2010-03-30 No Comments

First: There are several tools called svn2git: this is about the svn2git of KDE up on Gitorious. So you’re about to convert a larger SVN repository to Git, say 15,000 revisions. You check out the latest revision, run some find command or fire up a file browser to get a better view of file hierarchy […]

Created with Free Software! A button to spread the word 2010-03-18 12 Comments

Last month I did a presentation on the concept of redundancy in a human factor related seminar at university. As most participants were non-IT people and using Windows I felt like promoting Free Software without making it “too loud”. So I came up with the idea of putting a rubber stamp “Created with Free Software” […]

Inviting you to project “PackageMap” 2009-06-12 7 Comments

Quick (re-)introduction:  My task for Gentoo/Google Summer of Code 2009 is to give Gentoo a Debian popcon equivalent, a tool to collect statistics on “what package is installed how often”.  To achieve this goal I’m extending Smolt (a tool currently doing similar things with hardware information) by fine-tunable software stats gathering. The plan we have […]

libbs2b 2.2.1 released 2009-02-27 3 Comments

bs2b is short for “Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP”, an audio effect increasing headphone listening pleasure. Check the well-explained algorithm details for more. I helped with making a shared library from bs2b using the Autotools family: Autoconf, Automake, Libtool, autogen.sh. The just-released libbs2b-2.2.1 is featuring that. bs2b plugins for many popular audio players are already available (e.g. […]

libxspf 1.1.0 released (successor of libSpiff) 2009-02-22 No Comments

With this release libSpiff mutates into libxspf, same thing new name. Under the hood the build system has improved and generation of Qt Assistant-friendly documentation has been added. The source code moved from a Subversion to a Git repository. Please meet me at the XSPF mailing list to team up on any transition-related issues. Thank […]

Hire me, I do Free Software 2009-02-16 No Comments

I’m looking for a job with following three required qualities: Producing Free Open Source Software Part time, about two days a week From home or in Berlin, Germany I’m quite open about the rest though I sure won’t do Visual Basic 😉 Being sponsored on continuing development of uriparser would rock, for instance. Check out […]

Commit log IRC bot… for a KDE project 2008-10-22 2 Comments

For Kate we have a cia.vc IRC bot posting stuff like this when new Kate related content is commited: [00:18:29] <cia-20> ehamberg * r874179 [..]/katevikeysequenceparser.cpp [00:18:29] <cia-20> fix crash when a qkeyevent’s text() is empty [00:18:29] <cia-20> http://websvn.kde.org/?view=rev&revision=874179 As cia.vc seems to attribute all KDE commits to project “KDE” and not its actual children (i.e. […]

Kate searching: New bar just arrived 2008-10-02 8 Comments

v3, now status quo The “Add…” buttons .. are not gone – they went into the line edit’s context menu. The search mode .. can now be switched using the shortcuts from Alt+1 to Alt+4. No more Tab-Tab-Tab and no more need to click. Selection only .. is inside Options, though several people wanted direct […]

Kate searching: on to better usability 2 2008-09-28 10 Comments

v3, a new candidate I have been talking to people, read written feedback and put both in the new mockup. Like last time, below I will try to explain what drove which changes. If I get green from the main KatePart devs I’ll go for implementing this. Selection only .. is still not there, though […]