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Kate searching: on to better usability 2

v3, a new candidate

I have been talking to people, read written feedback and put both in the new mockup. Like last time, below I will try to explain what drove which changes. If I get green from the main KatePart devs I'll go for implementing this.

Selection only

.. is still not there, though requested. Let me explain. In KDE3's KatePart the checkbox called "Selected text" is initialized when the dialog opens as following:

  1. If multi-line text is selected it's checked
  2. If single-line text is selected it's not checked
  3. If no text is selected it's not checked

So actually toggling the checkbox means that you want to do one of these two things:

  1. Searching the whole document for something spanning several lines
  2. Searching for text within a single-line selection

I assume both to be "rare" cases. For now I'd like to put Selection only into the Options combo and see how it works in action.

The mode combo box

.. aligns with the line edits now so they share the same vertical scan line when the dialog is shown at minimal width. As we have one button less in v3 than v2, we have more space to do stuff like that. Still, v3 is less wide than v2.

Highlight all

.. will probably not change too often. It's current state can often be told from looking at the document. Therefore it's moved into the Options combo box.

The "Find:" label

.. is right aligned now as requested.