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Kate searching: New bar just arrived

v3, now status quo

The "Add..." buttons

.. are not gone - they went into the line edit's context menu.

The search mode

.. can now be switched using the shortcuts from Alt+1 to Alt+4. No more Tab- Tab-Tab and no more need to click.

Selection only

.. is inside Options, though several people wanted direct access. I'd say try to work with it for some time and if it's a real pain we will have to find another solution later. Okay? I should mention that one tiny bit of this is still missing: The plan is to re-initialize Selection only when the user changes selection in the document. I expect this to come in the next few days, stay tuned. [EDIT 2008-10-13]: Just arrived with revision 970640.

Use placeholders

.. has been removed as an option. It internally enabled when replacing text in Regular Expression or Escape Sequences mode. I hope this is working for you, not against you.