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Making Audex use MusicBrainz (rather than FreeDB)

From my experience, MusicBrainz's data is more complete and of higher quality than that from FreeDB. Sadly, the official list of MusicBrainz enabled CD rippers lists a single CD ripper for Linux, only: Sound Juicer. In the "spirit of GNOME" Sound Juicer aims to stay as minimal as possible, which exclude features like custom folder naming schemes (the one of my choice is not included). So I moved to using Audex with FreeDB a long time ago. Sadly, some of the CDs I bought lately could not be resolved using FreeDB. Happily I just found the MusicBrainz FreeDB gateway. With that, Audex just keeps talking the FreeDB protocol but provides the quality and completeness of using MusicBrainz. All I had to do is enter at MENU > Settings > Configure Audex... > CDDB Settings > Lookup > Freedb Server > Freedb Server .