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Commit log IRC bot... for a KDE project

For Kate we have a IRC bot posting stuff like this when new Kate related content is commited:

[00:18:29] <cia-20> ehamberg * r874179 [..]/katevikeysequenceparser.cpp
[00:18:29] <cia-20> fix crash when a qkeyevent's text() is empty
[00:18:29] <cia-20>

As seems to attribute all KDE commits to project "KDE" and not its actual children (i.e. "Kate" in our case) and because getting the above n-liner with Websvn link is not completely trivial so I thought I blog about it and show our current "Advanced Filtering" code here:

  <match path="project">Kate</match>
  <match path="project">KDE</match>
  <find path="files">KDE/kdesdk/kate</find>
  <find path="files">KDE/kdelibs/kate</find>
  <find path="files">KDE/kdesdk/doc/kate</find>
  <find path="files">KDE/kdelibs/interfaces/ktexteditor</find>
<formatter medium="irc">
 <format appliesTo="CommitToIRC">
   <color fg='green'><author/></color>
   <color fg='orange'><branch/></color>

I'm very happy to see that

  • provides such a service
  • has online validation of the filter code so you won't save a broken filter
  • has invented such a nice XML format

Well done guys, I'm impressed.