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LaTeX xq: Bugs in 0.3 fixed with 0.4 / My first contribution to CTAN 2014-09-20 No Comments

Hi! When writing about Xiangqi (Chinese chess) in LaTeX, it’s tempting to use package xq. When Wolfgang Reher and I used it for a while, we ran into bugs with it: some bad enough, I can only ask you to upgrade to 0.4 asap and not render anything with 0.3 any more. For details, there […]

Control over LaTeX page margins (or borders) 2012-01-22 1 Comment

Until recently, page margins in LaTeX had more control over me than I had over them. I already heard that package geometry could be of use here, but quick hacks seemed more fun than going through the docs of that package. I had a closer look now and geometry turned out to be much more […]

Hypthenation in LaTeX: why it kills + how to survive 2012-01-02 2 Comments

Intro I recently got bitten by the hyphenation of LaTeX and learned a few things in return. I noticed that two other LaTeX users in my environment were running into similar hyphenation trouble or were about to start a bigger text document without sufficient knowledge of hyphenation. So I would like to summarize a few […]

Customizing LaTeX beamer note pages 2011-09-19 3 Comments

When you accompany beamer slides with notes (using the \note{…} command) and you make them shown (using \setbeameroption{show notes}) you gain extra note pages like this: When printing note pages alone, the header and preview makes sense. In my case with both slides and notes, it doesn’t. What I want is note pages that… contain […]

Passing arguments to the end part of \newenvironment 2010-04-03 1 Comment

I recently found myself with repeated use of quote environments like this: \begin{quote}{\sl To call two elements “independent” is to say the chances of one failing are not linked in any way to the chances of the other failing. }\\\hspace*\fill\citep{downer-failure} \end{quote} So it’s an ordinary quote plus slanted style around the actual citation a note […]

Manhattan: a Keynote look-alike LaTeX Beamer theme 2009-07-08 4 Comments

Today, pictures first: Inspired by Shawn Lankton’s keynote-lankton beamer theme I have created a LaTeX Beamer theme Manhattan: my attempt at bringing a bit more Keynote spirit to Free Software land. Please give it a try, usage is as easy as \usetheme{Manhattan} Downloads: Manhattan theme Sample PDF demo document The current license is a dual-license […]

LaTeX Beamer Theme Matrix 2009-03-24 9 Comments

First a preview (excerpt) of what this post is about: Selecting something from a set of candidates works much better when you have comfortable access to all of them. Selecting a theme (and color theme) for a Beamer presentation within an edit-compile-evaluate loop takes time and makes comparison unnecessarily hard. Johannes Buchner automated this procedure […]

Eqnarray or not 2008-12-07 No Comments

Today I learned that some people think the LaTeX environment eqnarray should be avoided. Check out Avoid eqnarray (PDF) by Lars Madsen for details.

Single landscape pages in LaTeX 2008-11-23 No Comments

Actually quite easy. Found it on Texblog.

ccBeamer: Creative Commons logos for your LaTeX Beamer presentations 2007-07-02 5 Comments

I created PDF versions of the Creative Commons logos so they integrate with Beamer presentations smoothly. It looks like this (click to enlarge): Since I’m not able to create real LaTeX packages yet, I just put the collection of commands into a normal .tex file. Usage example and its output is included. Download: ccbeamer-0.1.zip.