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LaTeX xq: Bugs in 0.3 fixed with 0.4 / My first contribution to CTAN

Hi! When writing about Xiangqi (Chinese chess) in LaTeX, it's tempting to use package xq. When Wolfgang Reher and I used it for a while, we ran into bugs with it: some bad enough, I can only ask you to upgrade to 0.4 asap and not render anything with 0.3 any more. For details, there is a document bugs-0-3.pdf, demonstrating what you could run into with 0.3 without even knowing. It took us quite a while to see, too. And there is a change log, of course. On a final note, when starting fresh I would currently recommend embedding PDFs made from xiangqi-setup SVG output (hint: Inkscape in command line mode!) over using LaTeX xq, personally. Reasons include:

  • Free scalability (rather than two sizes)
  • Completely drawn lines inside the palace
  • A selection of themes, both board and pieces

Also, maybe re-invent xq's \move command (which is doing the listings) if you consider moving to text floating around images (wrap-figures), later. By the way, Package xq is looking a new maintainer. Interested?