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Layman 1.3.0_rc1 released

New features this time: here is Layman 1.3.0_rc1. Let me try to summarize:


layman-1.3.0_rc1 introduces support for several sources per overlay. Also, layman -i overlay now makes full use of metadata that arrived with the migration from layman-global.txt to the repositories.xml format.


  • Add support for several sources per overlay (also fixes #280472) When adding an overlay all sources will be probed until a working one is found. This should help Layman through some firewalls.
  • Display related directory when deleting overlays
  • Improve overlay info display (i.e. layman -i):
    • Add quality indicator (keep in mind: no guarantee)
    • Add feed URIs
    • Fix whitespace handling for description field
    • Improve layman usage display

How to upgrade

  1. Unmask =app-portage/layman-1.3.0_rc1 if you're on stable
  2. sudo emerge -av =app-portage/layman-1.3.0_rc1
  3. sudo etc-update

What else?

  • Please report bugs!
  • Using layman and proxies, programming Python? Feel like doing James a favor with bug #300651?

Gentoo is dying? Says who?!