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Layman 1.3.0 released

Time to collect bugfixes to 1.3.0_rc1 for a new release...


layman-1.3.0 fixes expected rough edges from 1.3.0_rc1. Thanks to everyone reporting bugs, i.e. thanks to Piotr Mitas, Albert W. Hopkins and tman/cornicx.


  • Move storage default from /usr/local/portage/layman to /var/lib/layman (fixes bug #253725)
  • Syncing failed for overlays that no longer exist in the remote lists without need to (bug #301174)
  • No longer treat sync warnings like errors (bug #301327)
  • Fix faults introduced at refactoring (bug #301253)

How to upgrade

  1. Unmask =app-portage/layman-1.3.0 if you're on stable
  2. sudo emerge -av =app-portage/layman-1.3.0
  3. sudo etc-update

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