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msvcp80.dll and msvcr80.dll

msvcp80.dll and msvcr80.dll are needed if you want to run an executable by somebody compiling with Visual Studio 2005. I did not have these two libraries and Google didn't direct me the right way either. Thomas Schweitzer — the author of UniversalIndentGUI — knew where to find them: These two files can be found inside the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package which — if not already installed — requires the Windows Installer 3.x Redistributable to run its installer.

Future of Plainamp

I am currently working on internally redesigning Plainamp. This process will take a lot more time so the next release will not be in too near future. I hope the redesign will make it possible to introduce multiple playlist support in the next release.

Extended NxS BigClock Plugin

I extended Nicolai Syvertsen's NxS BigClock Winamp Plugin for a freeze feature. The full changelog entry is:

  • Time display can be disabled to have visualization only
  • Current time mode made unselectable in menu
  • Small speed improvement
  • Winamp shutdown improved in the installer
  • Window position can now be locked (similar to gen_freeze)
  • Config dialog bug fixed

Here is a screenshot of what Winamp can look like with NxS BigClock:

NxS BigClock Screenshot

Download: gen_nxsbigclock_04_setup.exe

Freeze Plugin updated

I rewrote the engine of the Freeze Winamp Plugin: Changing the settings no longer requires restarting Winamp and by holding CTRL when clicking you can now move frozen windows.


GPL Freeverb Winamp Plugin

I recently worked on a new DSP plugin for Winamp using the Freeverb algorithm by Jeremy Wakefield. It is now ready for public eyes so grab a copy and see what it can do for your music.


GPL Freeverb

More PN2 Schemes

For people using NSIS or Inno Setup with Programmer's Notepad 2 life is a little prettier now with these two schemes I finished some time ago:

The former was derived from the SciTE property file, the latter is the fixed and extended version of the scheme file from the latest PN2 release.

CD-ROM Door Locking in Winamp

I ejected an Audio-CD playing with Winamp by mistake and thought it would be nice to have the drive door locked automatically. So I wrote gen_autolock which has done a good job for me so far. GPL'd source is included. Download it from here: .

Note: As I understood MSDN the function used to lock the drive door is not supported on Win9x.