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libSpiff is ready for public eyes

For the last two weeks I have been working on the libSpiff library which brings XSPF playlist support to C++ applications. It is now ready for public eyes and can be downloaded at SourceForge. Example code for reading and writing a playlist is included. Please report any bugs to the SourceForge tracker.

There is music in here

I recently checked out the XSPF Web Music Player. This nice little flash application plays MP3s on your website. I searched for some free and legal promo MP3s and put together a playlist. This one (requires Flash):

Do NOT upgrade to Visual Studio 2003 SP1

I upgraded Visual Studio 2003 to SP1 a few days ago and I am going to uninstall it right after these lines are written. I had more trouble with SP1 during the last few days than with the unpatched version ever before. My experience with SP1 is that:

  • It breaks the highlighter. Comments blocks seem to be a problem now.
  • It makes the IDE crash very often. Your unsaved code is lost!
  • It produces a lot of bullshit link errors. Rebuild the very same code and they are gone.

I even got Unicode garbage from reading an Ansi file using fread once, no joke. Now it's enough: The installation has been a pain already and now I'll kick it off my disk. I highly recommend to not install SP1!

Emacs Breaks Hard Links

I was quite irritated when I found out yesterday that Emacs is breaking hardlinks: Edit a file with two hard links in Emacs, save it and you will end up with two different files.

$ echo abc >first

$ ln first second

$ ll -i
total 8
401320 -rw-r–r– 2 first first 4 Jul 15 15:04 first
401320 -rw-r–r– 2 first first 4 Jul 15 15:04 second

$ emacs first

$ ll -i
total 12
401322 -rw-r–r– 1 first first 17 Jul 15 15:05 first
401320 -rw-r–r– 2 first first 4 Jul 15 15:04 first~
401320 -rw-r–r– 2 first first 4 Jul 15 15:04 second

$ cat first
another line

$ cat second

The reason for this is Emacs renames the original file to first~ and creates a new file first which is not hard-linked to second anymore. I am not sure if this behaviour is such a good idea...

SourceForge Commit Trouble + Solution

I had trouble when committing code changes to a subversion repository at SourceForge today. A closer look at their Site Status page reveiled that they "have blocked access to all project resources by password until the user resets their password". They should have sent a mail at least...