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libSpiff 1.0.0rc2 released

(libSpiff 1.0.0rc1 was some kind of "internal release" so let me properly introduce libSpiff 1.0.0rc2 as the union of the changes in both.)

This release fixes the broken XML Base implementation introduced in libSpiff 0.8.4. Besides general cleanup it also introduces the base for a new error-handling model. libSpiff now is at a point of feature completion so I decided to start heading for 1.0.0. Please note that this release is neither source- nor binary compatible to libSpiff 0.8.4 (but both to libSpiff 1.0.0rc1).

uriparser 0.7.2 released

This release fixes bad cleanup logic in two functions related to URI reference creation and resolution. Depending on your usage of these functions the result could have been either a crash or a memleak, so updating is strongly recommended. This release is both source- and binary-compatible.

Faster HTTP downloads with aria2

While waiting for a download of a Gentoo Live CD image I suddenly felt like reading through a few news feeds again. Chance hit me as Debian Package of the Day introduced me to something I had to try out instantly: aria2. It's basically a GUI-less download manager. While I was downloading that Gentoo image before with no more than 200KB/s from the mirrors I tried, aria2 boosted that to about 500KB/s when given several mirror URIs. This is the appetizer by Anthony Bryan and Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa that introduced me to aria2 - check it out:

Microsoft paying poor actors to fake liking Vista?

I stumbled upon this ad today:

When I clicked it I was sent to the Mojave Experiment website run by Microsoft. The site's mission is simple: prove that Windows Vista is not as bad as we might have heard. I'm wondering three things now:

  • Why do interviewed people look like poor actors to me?
  • Who is going to buy this?
  • How does that fit with selling XP-downgrade CD-ROMs?

"Sex with animals" not considered Spam by Akismet?

I moved away from Spam Karma 2 because it seemed immature (sometimes producing invalid SQL queries ) and hit hard on our server sometimes processing a comment post for up to an hour... So I'm currently giving Akismet a try as I heard it's working well. A friend of mine told me like "I've not had a single Spam comment since I've been running Akismet". Not only it's different for me (2 spams in 5 days - could be worse) but... I'm seriously wondering how Akismet cannot catch a Spam containing verbatim text like "Sex with animals".

It doesn't stop there, after that it's even "Sex with farm animals" :-)

What's also interesting is that when visiting the Akismet website and watch the Spams-so-far-today number updating as you hit refresh repeatedly, you can notice that it's falling back to previous numbers in between:


I can Imagine two different reasons for this behaviour:

  • The stats could come from different servers each time
  • The stats could be fake

As the stats are "proof" to show how well the commercial service Akismet performs... you know. Also, if there were several servers.. shouldn't the result be their sum? If you have comments about this better mail me - Akismet is still washing my comments... ;-)

libSpiff 0.8.4 released

This release mainly introduces support for the xml:base attribute. If you work with XSPF files not created by libSpiff, updating is highly recommended. This release is both source- and binary-compatible.

doxygen2qthelp 1.0 Windows binaries

Compiling a Qt snapshot on Windows can take about 2 hours. I felt like moving the burden of building doxygen2qthelp from your to my shoulders and made two binary packages for you: One package contains doxygen2qthelp 1.0 binaries built against a recent snapshot of Qt, the other a Webkit-enabled version of Qt Assistant so you can actually enjoy viewing Doxygen output in Assistant. Note: To minimize download size I didn't put the .dll files in twice, so for Assistant you need the .dll's from the doxygen2qthelp package as well. Please let me know if I broke anything. Here they are.

CppTest 1.1.0 released

CppTest is a small but powerful unit testing framework for C and C++. This release comes with several bugfixes as well as an improved HTML output module which now produces XHTML 1.0 Strict. Please see the change log for more details.

Well worth a few bucks: Johnny Bunko.

Ignore me if this is old fish for you -everybody else check out _The Adventures of Jason, Jimmy, err, Johnny Bunko. Mix a work-life-survival-guide with Manga and this is what you might get. I had lot's of fun with this today, so don't let this 'book' pass you by ;-)