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"Sex with animals" not considered Spam by Akismet?

I moved away from Spam Karma 2 because it seemed immature (sometimes producing invalid SQL queries ) and hit hard on our server sometimes processing a comment post for up to an hour... So I'm currently giving Akismet a try as I heard it's working well. A friend of mine told me like "I've not had a single Spam comment since I've been running Akismet". Not only it's different for me (2 spams in 5 days - could be worse) but... I'm seriously wondering how Akismet cannot catch a Spam containing verbatim text like "Sex with animals".

It doesn't stop there, after that it's even "Sex with farm animals" :-)

What's also interesting is that when visiting the Akismet website and watch the Spams-so-far-today number updating as you hit refresh repeatedly, you can notice that it's falling back to previous numbers in between:


I can Imagine two different reasons for this behaviour:

  • The stats could come from different servers each time
  • The stats could be fake

As the stats are "proof" to show how well the commercial service Akismet performs... you know. Also, if there were several servers.. shouldn't the result be their sum? If you have comments about this better mail me - Akismet is still washing my comments... ;-)