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Year in filename patterns ("%Y") for Asunder 1.9

In recent times of near-zero coding I took a break yesterday afternoon to write a patch for Asunder 1.9. I'm using Asunder for the moment because as Audex and KAudioCreator fail to handle my CD-ROM device correctly (without really telling why) for reasons I still need to uncover. So Asunder turned out to work for me but it didn't fully support my currently preferred file layout

<artist>/(<year>) <album>/<trackno> <title>.<ext>
Seether/(2002) Disclaimer/04 Needles.flac

as it doesn't allow to use the album's year in the format strings. So I added support for a %Y constant which enables a config of

Album directory: "%A/(%Y) %L"
Music file: "%N %T"

to get before-mentioned file layout. Upstream hasn't replied yet. Before a new release arrives you can grab the patch from here or use my 1.9-r1 ebuild from the "sping" overlay for convenience:

[EDIT 2009-12-07] : The patch went into Asunder 1.9.1, released yesterday.