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Layman 1.2.4 released

What's in for you with Layman 1.2.4:

The only visual indication of the arrival of repositories.xml support for now is that contacts now show names where available:

layman 1.2.3

 * Contact :

layman 1.2.4

 * Contact : Tomas Chvatal <>

More goodies will come. How to upgrade:

  1. Unmask =app-portage/layman-1.2.4 if you're on stable
  2. sudo emerge -av =app-portage/layman-1.2.4
  3. sudo etc-update to migrate /etc/layman/layman.cfg, very important

Btw report bugs please!

How we got here: I bet a new Layman release isn't really what you expected for today. A quick summary would be:

  1. I requested SourceForge project admin access from Gunnar and happily received it,
  2. applied my repositories.xml patch done earlier,
  3. updated change logs,
  4. fixed an unexpected last-minute showstopper (Layman hasn't been handling CDATA sections before),
  5. uploaded a tarball, and
  6. and bumped the ebuild.

Help me with Layman! If you know a little Python you are welcome to support Layman development! These days my time is rather limited and there is a lot to do:

  • Fixing Layman bugs
  • Migrating from minidom to ElementTree
  • Extending support for repositories.xml features like:
    • Multiple repository URLs
    • Overlay stability indicators
    • your favourite here

Sounds like fun? What are you waiting for?!