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TurboGears 2 and Gentoo

This is the first post about my progress on GSoC'09 for Gentoo. Also, disclaimer: I'm tired (07:08 here), think for yourself :-) As a "side product" of my earlier Gentoo GSoC'09 activities a hopefully complete TurboGears 2.x stack has grown in my "sping" overlay. I can understand now why the Python herd has not packaged TG 2.x before:

  • The unpackaged portion of dependency tree is quite large (see here: dev-python and net-zope)
  • Many people probably run TurboGears in a virtual env and don't install it system-wide
  • g-pypi is a huge help but no way near auto-pilot

(Talking of g-pypi: an update to app-portage/g-pypi-9999 (sping overlay) brings post-0.2.1 bugfixes!) To check out the current state of TG2 this is what you might want to do:

sudo layman -a sping
sudo layman -a python-testing
sudo autounmask dev-python/turbogears-meta-2.0
sudo emerge -av dev-python/turbogears-meta

If all goes well that meta package enables you to create and run the quickstart app right away. But: With so many packages involved something more or less has to be broken for you. Please contact me about it, I'll be happy to fix what's needed or pull from you.