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Gentoo, GSoC, Smolt, PackageMap

One more about GSoC porgress. This won't be complete or so, just a few more bytes.

  • I'm in close contact with my mentor (rbu) and Smolt upstream.
  • A few tiny patches have been accepted by latter already.
  • I have a smolt server (called "smoon") running on my local machine that I can submit to.
  • The Daft Punk live disc "Alive" (2007) rocks, again and again. Okay, not too on-topic.
  • I have started working on fine configuration of "what you submit" and will continue working on that once sub project "packagemap" reaches a point where it moves without me.
  • Project "packagemap" needs an extra post as well as a few mails including one to gentoo-dev. Stay tuned.