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Recording: Stephen Paul Taylor (SPT) live at WABE Berlin 2013-11-14

I had this material laying on my hard disk for a while, thinking what to do with it, because the quality of the recording is... rather "moderate". I guess it's of most value if you actually have been there that night — to bring back a dear memory.

So this is Stephen Paul Taylor (SPT) live at WABE Berlin on 2013-11-14. According to me, his performance rocked the house. I didn't expect that much fun from synthpop.

For pictures of that night, there is those by Sulamith Sallmann.

This is my first take at recording a concert... at all and with a Samsung Galaxy SII GT-I9100 Android cell phone in particular.

To my understanding, sharing live recordings is considered fair use and legal.

Track list: (HELP WELCOME!)

  1. 00:00 ?
  2. 03:40 ?
  3. 07:39 ?
  4. 12:20 ?
  5. 15:50 Graveyard Eyes
  6. 20:30 Hey Sarge
  7. 26:15 Torture of Love
  8. 33:40 ?
  9. 36:42 ?
  10. 42:59 Hello goodbye
  11. 47:12 ?

The only processing was:

  1. Decode AAC
  2. Crop to relevant part
  3. Encode as MP3 192 kbps

Download: stephen-paul-taylor-2013-11-14-wabe.mp3 Maybe check out my recording of Teresa Bergman of the same night, too.