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genkernel released


I have just released genkernel to the testing tree. From a high level point of view this release brings:

  • Unreleased patches laying around in Git (details below)
  • A much more up to date man page

Below you can find details on the changes since Besides the people contributing bug reports and patches, Andrew Gaffney and Robin H. Johnson deserve credit, too. Please open bugs for any issues you run into.

Bug fixes

  • 297814 Make sure loop cache directory exists
  • 261122 Enable CONFIG_SCSI_MULTI_LUN option
  • 262915 Properly apply NFS mount options
  • 294268 Add support for isoboot= option
  • 268818 Enable ext4 by default everywhere
  • 270983 Add USB HID modules to modules_load and default kernel-config
  • 301454 Only call set_bootloader is CMD_NOINSTALL is not set
  • 268468 Make fbsplash switch to verbose mode in initramfs
  • 341943 Allow compilation of busybox 1.7.4 with make 3.82

Documentation fixes

  • man page: Propagate rename of --no-initrdmodules to --no-ramdisk-modules
  • 251702 Mention both initramfs and ramdisk as available actions
  • 346015 Document LUKS variable
  • 346017 Document keymap= and dokeymap
  • Update man page from output of --help
  • Fix a reference to --nomenuconfig into --no-menuconfig
  • Document --genzimage

Internal changes

  • Documented how releases are rolled
  • Migrated man page to AsciiDoc
  • Added a script to check how well documentation is in sync (maintenance/
  • Added a Makefile for generation of man page and release tarballs

Thanks for your interest.