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European Xiangqi stickers (Chinese chess)

Hello! For quite a while I have been looking for someone to design european piece graphics for Xiangqi (Chinese chess) without luck. Early this March I was pointed to Jasmin Scharrer fortunately! The pieces she designed allowed making sheets of stickers to help kickstart the learning experience of people new to the game, facing Chinese- only gaming hardware: You put stickers on the backside of the pieces and turn them over whenever you are ready to: only some and then some more, all at once, your choice. This is the stickers on real hardware:

The full sticker sheet takes an A4 page and looks like this:

To print your own, you should use the vector version for quality. Since we picked CC-BY-4.0 for a license, you could even sell your prints as long as proper attribution to

Jasmin Scharrer (original artwork, <>),
Sebastian Pipping (post-processing, <>)

for the initial source is done. Using the same piece graphics, xiangqi- setup also has a piece theme "euro_xiangqi_js" now. With that, you can render European setup images like this one:

$ xiangqi-setup --pieces euro_xiangqi_js --width-cm 7 \
        doc/demo.wxf output.svg

If you need help with any of this or for feedback in general, please feel free to contact me at

Best, Sebastian