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80% time at 80% money — what's in for employers?

With the exception of a few weeks, I have been working 4 days a week, 32 hours, 80% time at 80% money for over six years now.


The core idea is that spare time is worth more to me than salary can make up for. A pile of money at 60 is not going to me buy back time I wish I had when I was younger — time that I could spend now.

When I started, one day off allowed me taking Spanish classes at working hours. If I'd need to explain why I let go of 20% the money, I'd list to do it to…

  • keep my battery charged and reduce risk of burnout,

  • have e.g. dentist appointments without taking time off or stressing myself about being back in time,

  • work on free software and get personal todos done outside the weekend, and

  • spend more time on learning new things.

Which of these benefits are in the interest of my employer?

All of them.

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