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Alice DSL sucks

I took my Notebook to my brother since my home connection is offline for about 17:00 hours now... [EDIT] It's more than 70 hours now... I'm starting to seriously think about a switch of providers.

uriparser 0.6.4 released

This release comes with several bugfixes and new features, among them normalization of relative URIs and a MinGW Makefile resulting from teamwork with Michael Anthony Puls II. Please see the Changelog for further details. This release is both source- and binary-compatible.

XSPF patch for FAPG 0.38

FAPG is a playlist generator written in C running on Unix systems. The latest release supports various output formats but an important one is still missing... XSPF. This is where my patch comes into play. This patch adds XSPF support to FAPG 0.38. To be able to do this it introduces a dependency on uriparser version 0.6.3 or later. The patch is licensed under "GPL 2 or later" as FAPG itself. Currently the patch waiting for upstream inclusion review. I prepared Autoconf/Automake files as well so if Antoine Jacquet is happy with my patch FAPG 0.39 will be using GNU Autotools and be able to output valid XSPF files.

uriparser 0.6.3 released

Sorry for the noise but... this release fixes major bugs for normalization again. Blame the guy who first said "release early, release often"... Thanks for the patch to - you guessed it - Adrian Manrique. Actually I have no idea how I could even find normalization test cases that worked; very odd. Beside the bugfixes I finally wrote a short tutorial on using uriparser, which can also be found online. This release introduces documentation as .chm file for download. As another goodie the six warnings are gone finally. As questions by users are coming up I set up a uriparser-users mailing list. Please join the discussion to find help and/or to help others. Before I forget: Dear maintainers, this release is both source- and binary-compatible. Thanks for your support!

My third Debian package: UniversalIndentGUI goes Debian

After a reject in the first round my package for UniversalIndentGUI was now accepted by the FTP master. UniversalIndentGUI is a GUI frontend for several code beautifiers, among them Artistic Style (Astyle), BCPP, GreatCode and Uncrustify but also tools for languages other than C/C++. UniversalIndentGui allows you to tune a beautifier's configuration and see how the changes affects a source example live. It is especially useful to compare different C/C++ beautifiers when you have to choose one of them.

uriparser 0.6.2 released

This release fixes two major bugs. Updating is highly recommended. Thanks again for excellent bug reports by Adrian Manrique. This release is both source- and binary-compatible.