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Kate searching: New bar just arrived 2008-10-02 8 Comments

v3, now status quo The “Add…” buttons .. are not gone – they went into the line edit’s context menu. The search mode .. can now be switched using the shortcuts from Alt+1 to Alt+4. No more Tab-Tab-Tab and no more need to click. Selection only .. is inside Options, though several people wanted direct […]

Kate searching: on to better usability 2 2008-09-28 10 Comments

v3, a new candidate I have been talking to people, read written feedback and put both in the new mockup. Like last time, below I will try to explain what drove which changes. If I get green from the main KatePart devs I’ll go for implementing this. Selection only .. is still not there, though […]

Kate searching: on to better usability 2008-09-25 16 Comments

v1 / status quo v2? Hello! What’s this? It’s the current state and a new draft for a possibly next version of the power search and replace bar in KDE4’s KatePart, and therefore Kate and KWrite and more. The current approach has several issues. To address some of them I have been doing two things recently: […]

JSON Highlighter for Kate 2007-10-09 6 Comments

I just finished a JSON highlighter for Kate and KWrite. It comes with folding, escape-sequence standout, different colors for keys and values and basic error marking The highlighter should work for KDE3 as well and can be downloaded here here. The screenshot shows JSPF draft code. JSPF is the JSON counterpart of the XML-based XML […]

Kate searching: Highlight All just arrived 2007-09-22 9 Comments

We are getting very close now to a productive search and replacing experience in Kate/KWrite. One big thing was still missing: highlighting of all matches. I finished that yesterday: Since that feature has beast potential I would like to ask you to try it out and report any bugs you might find: Try to break […]

Kate searching: On-the-fly case conversion 2007-09-04 5 Comments

I just added a feature to search and replace in Kate/KWrite that is so cool I just have to blog about it. 🙂 The idea is not new, at least EmEditor can do this for quite some time: on-the-fly case conversion when replacing text. Let me demonstrate what this feature can do. Say our document […]

Kate searching: Please help with beta testing! 2007-09-03 6 Comments

Hello again! The search and replace functionality of Kate/KWrite now is in a usable state. I just fixed another two bugs and we are now at the point where bugs are found by real life application. So what I’m asking for is if you have checked out Kate/KWrite anyway please check if it can handle […]

Kate can do Searching! 2007-08-26 14 Comments

Two weeks have passed since I last showed pictures of a possible future of the searching experience with KatePart, and thus Kate, KWrite and friends. Since then progress has been made: Florian Grässle of OpenUsability strongly improved my original dialog drafts and I started implementing the improved dialog mockups. What you can see below are […]

Kate searching preview 2 2007-08-09 14 Comments

Here is my current idea for the power search and replace dialog (click to enlarge): The shortcut keys (underlined letters) must not conflict with those used by Kate’s menu, which became a little tricky. I am wondering how we will solve this problem for other programs using KatePart – what if they use some of […]

Kate searching a la Firefox (preview) 2007-08-08 8 Comments

While waiting for my trunk to finish compiling (still waiting…) I started composing the Firefoxy incremental search bar I spoke of two days ago. Here’s a shot of my current draft: Comments welcome.