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This Saturday: Bumpday - fix your bump requests

This Saturday is a great opportunity to give a try to a new concept: A day dedicated to fixing bump request bugs and therefore improving on the update-to-dateness and the bleeding-edgity of Gentoo while decreasing the pile of open bugs a bit more aggressively than on a usual Gentoo day. I plan to announce winners after. A bumpday winner is someone who

  • fixes at least one bump request on the given day
  • has been fixing the most bugs among all participants
  • is technically detectable as a winner, i.e. all related bugs must:
    • have the word bump in the summary
    • have changed status to resolved/fixed between the bumpday's date and the day after
    • still be resolved/fixed
    • be assigned to you (not someone else, not a herd)

It's perfectly okay if you join in just for winning as long as you apply the necessary love and care to the bumps you do. Another thing that should be noted: bump your packages only, otherwise check for permission first. No answer means no. As I don't have any bump request assigned currently (no, don't even think about it!) I plan to spend the time writing a script to get performance result. Now bump the **** out of your packages ;-)