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svneverever 1.2.0 released

In some cases previous versions of svneverever would report too high numbers for the revision a directory was last seen on. Let me quote from Wouter Haffmans' excellent bug description (accompanied by a patch):

$ svnadmin create test
$ cd test
$ svn mkdir "file://`pwd`/parent" -m "Add parent (r1)"
$ svn mkdir "file://`pwd`/parent/child" -m "Add child (r2)"
$ svn rm "file://`pwd`/parent/child" -m "Del child (r3)"
$ svn rm "file://`pwd`/parent" -m "Del parent (r4)"

svneverever prints, for this repository:
(1; 3)  /parent
(2; 3)      /child

(1; 3)  /parent
(2; 2)      /child

So that is fixed in 1.2.0.