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Rant about LADSPA

Three WTFs about LADSPA:

  • When writing a LADSPA plugin you need to request a globally unique ID for that plugin. Without such an ID you basically cannot release your plugin to the public. LADSPA hosts actually use that ID to identify plugins so collisions are a real problem.
  • Range control slots (think sliders from say 0 to 100) can have a default value out of a predefined set only: You can set it to things like 0, 1 or its mean but not 600 if you wanted to. I did.
  • When compiling the latest LADSPA SDK (v1.13) with plain make also a test suite is run that plays back white noise through your real sound hardware. That's not only unexpected for a run of make (what do we have make check for?), it's plain "fun" if you have headphones on at that moment.