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PayPal transaction without logging in -- WTF?

On 2014-04-29 I initiated buying something using PayPal on website X using the desktop version of Mozilla Firefox. While I expected to be taken to a PayPal log-in page, to log-in using my password and to explicitly confirm that transaction as with any transaction before, I was not taken to the PayPal site but website X took me to the "payment successful" page right away. At first, I assumed this to be a bug in website X and that I would have gotten for free what I should have paid for. To my surprise, a few minutes later, a mail from PayPal did confirm the payment that I intended to do but never authorized. WTF? It also seems, website X has set up a periodical withdrawal ("Zahlung per Händlerabbuchung" or "aktive Händlerabbuchung" in German) that I just cancelled. I should note that website X is not the problem here: it seems to be PayPal not asking for my permission. I contacted PayPal complaining about it but so far the support is not helpful or even getting the problem. If you experienced something similar, please get in touch.