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Partial word matches in Confluence/JIRA (or lack thereof)

For a ticket with title

ERROR: gnome-extra/gucharmap-3.6.1 do not compile with vala USE flag

I would expect JIRA to find that ticket in a search for "charmap". Try it, it doesn't work. It's known as JIRA bug 6218 since 2005. It's labelled a feature request officially so they don't have to fix it quickly (and I could list more examples like that).

While I understand, that the search index needs to be larger for this to work (if you rely on search indices only ), it's no excuse to not find these matches.

The same hits me with Confluence at work these days. Same thing as with JIRA, except that Confluence bug 32834 has no watchers and no votes, yet.

If this matters to you, please take a minute to help me vote for these "feature request" bugs (button "Vote for this issue" on the right) so that we can have complete search results some day in the future, at least. Without enough noise, it's not going to be considered by Atlassian's policy for new features.

Thanks for your support!