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New Gentoo overlay: grub2-themes

Hi! I've been looking around for Grub2 themes a bit and started a dedicated overlay to not litter the main repository. The overlay

Any Gentoo developer on GitHub probably has received a

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mail already. I did put it into Gentoo project account rather than my personal account because I do not want this to be a solo project: you are welcome to extend and improve. That includes pull requests from users. The licensing situation (in the overlay, as well as with Grub2 themes in general) is not optimal. Right now, more or less all of the themes have all-rights-reserved for a license, since logos of various Linux distributions are included. So even if the theme itself is licensed under GPL v2 or later, the whole thing including icons is not. I am considering to add a use flag icons to control cutting the icons away. That way, people with ACCEPT_LICENSE="-* @FREE" could still use at least some of these themes. By the way, I welcome help identifying the licenses of each of the original distribution logos, if that sounds like an interesting challenge to you. More to come on Grub2 themes. Stay tuned.