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New flag "bugday" on Please check your bugs for suitability

.. WHAT?

Next bugday is around the corner: Saturday, April 3rd 2010. As previous bugdays have been suffering from the bad selection of bugs for bugday I want to ask you to help select bugs for bugday not that we have technical means to, please read on. If you have editbugs permission on you can marks bugs for bugday by now. Thanks Robin!

Requirements for a bugday bug

Just one thing: The task behind it must be solvable without developer access (excluding the final commit)

Good candidates

A bug is a good candidate if it belongs to any of these classes:

  • any kind of easy fixes
  • compile errors
  • documentation bugs (smaller ones)
  • requests for ebuilds (maybe point user to Project Sunrise)
  • typos, SRC_URI/HOMEPAGE changes
  • sandbox violations
  • segfault and crash bugs
  • bugs in need for working/non-working confirmation

If you can do a better list please make me replace it ;-)

Marking bugs for bugday

There's a new flag called "bugday". For each bug you can set it to one of four states:

  • + — Yes, good candidate for bugday
  • - — No, please keep this bug of bugday
  • ? — Decision requested (good choice if you're unsure)
  • — Unknown (a space)

Bugs in so far

To see what bugs have made it into the bugday so far you can have a look at either

Thanks for reading.