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Never comment out testcases...

A few minutes before releasing uriparser 0.4.0 I once again had to replace a call to itoa with a call to sprintf because that functon is not available on Unix. No big deal - I wrote a testcase for that. Replace the call, compile, run the test suite. Too bad I commented out that testcase when debugging some code a few lines further down. The testcase could have saved me if it had not been commented out! So what happened when you called uriToString[AW] on a URI with IPv[46] part? The text was printed to stdout since I replaced itoa with plain printf instead of sprintf by mistake. Good news is there will be a new release in a few hours.

[EDIT] Did you know swprintf has different signatures on Unix and Windows?


int swprintf(wchar_t * wcs, size_t maxlen,
             const wchar_t * format, ...);


int swprintf(wchar_t * buffer, /* without maxlen! */
             const wchar_t * format, ...);

Awesome, isn't it... cough. So if you write code for the Windows edition and make it run on Unix the formatting string's pointer will be passed as the length parameter and the parameter after that will be the formatting sting. That brought me a nice segfault. But at least there is _snwprintf on Windows with the same signature as the Unix version so we can build a preprocessor- based solution. I wish we didn't have to...

[EDIT] Seems like OpenBSD doesn't have swprintf at all...?