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My virtual journey of today

I spent some time surfing the internet today (really!) and came by quite a few interesting things, unusually many in my perception. It all started with a video on Ganeti which led to a video on SELinux (which I knew zero about before) which in turn led to a video on mitmproxy. I googled "mitmproxy" and soon ran into the website and universe of Aldo Cortesi. There were an analysis of correlation between choice of programming language and other parameters like the number of contributers made from history on Github, an article about the use of Hilbert curves to binary blob visualization, thoughts on the pros and cons of using object-relational mappers in Python, a way to visualize sorting algorithms, entertaining code review bits on a javascript crypto libarary, the fact that the amount of gold can overflow in World of Warcraft, and a bunch of links to stuff on other sites that I followed including the 3D Mandelbulb, eyetracking-based guidelines on the design of web forms, a page that convinced me that it's very easy for a website to identify me as a certain past visitor even with cookies off, thoughts on how random humans want randomness to be, the fact that the mobile app of uploaded your entire address book without telling or asking before previously, that there are offers for 20 minutes CPU time on 400 machines each to crack WPA keys for about 20 US dollars, and how ugly OpenSSL's code is. My personal quote of today (from here) is: "A thing that two people can lift is not a router".