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Looking at Smolt

Since release 1.3.2 Smolt comes with a tab "Distribution" to show distribution- specific information:

(The new Qt-based GUI client was introduced somewhere after Smolt 1.2 by Carlos Gonçalves, see here for details.) The currently quasi-empty tab is shown no matter what distro you run Smolt on. However, on my "gentoo" branch it looks slightly different:

I have also been working on simple extractors for dpkg and rpm to better understand the distribution specific interface that I'm introducing on code level. After all one of the long term goals is to feed Smolt statistics with PackageMapped installation data from across distros, not just Gentoo. So if you read this and feel like bringing support for another distro (say Arch) to Smolt now is a great time to contact me.

PS: Check my "sping" overlay for a Smolt 1.3.2 ebuild.