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Before I fully arrived at GNU/Linux I thought that Acrobat Reader would be one of those things that would be hard to miss. As there is a Linux version I would not even have to live without it, but even better: there's quite a few good alternatives that are true free software. At some point I started using KPDF of KDE and moved on to its sucessor Okular at some point. Even after switching from KDE to XFCE I still kept using Okular (besides a few other strong KDE tools: Konversation, Gwenview, KSnapshot, Yakuake, K3b). I have finally added a link to to the link section of this blog (on the right, a bit down). When googling for "pdf reader" is showing on the first page already, 9th place. It would rock, if we get it to the top and I'm optimistic that one day it will make it. Please link to on your site, too. Your link can change something.