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Larry the cow wallpaper

It was back in April when I first stumbled upon this Larry-based Gentoo wallpaper on deviantART. I liked it. As the entry was missing

  • mention of a license,
  • resolutions other than 1024×768, and
  • vector sources

I contacted the author Dávid Kótai about it. As a result, he started updating the font and made versions for the most common display aspect ratios: 4:3, 5:4, 8:5 (or 16:10) and 16:9. He finished that work a few days ago so I can now present it to you.

You can find PNG renderings and SVG sources (both licensed CC-BY-SA/2.5) in the wallpaper section of the Gentoo Linux website.

EDIT: Alternatively, emerge package x11-themes/larry-backgrounds.