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I know you know Techtalks

With adopting things I'm probably in (what some people call) the late majority so I'm quite sure anybody coming here knows about Google Techtalks already. I feel like mentioning them now because I just re-realized what they mean to me. From all the input I process Techtalks have always ranked among the most inspiring and interesting material. I never did a post like this without a Techtalk watched just before: Some of them make me dare to be more of myself than I usually do. Some question what is of value to me and why, some make me see things from slightly different angles. Most of all they give a lot of hope to me, as they make up some of all the stuff that produces anger, fear, sadness and despair inside me so easily and often. (I am living in a world that's going to sacrifice the last drops of privacy for the sake of terror prevention, is doing so, because people don't realize terror prevention is not the only thing to care about and therefore should not be allowed to be the only thing to remain. With privacy and security eating each other this doesn't work. How can I not be angry and desperate in a world like this? Sigh. Back to techtalks.) What I find fascinating is that many topics that I am not especially interested in are presented so well, that I don't even have a chance to not get interested. At the same time this puts up hard competition to any course run at my local university - most of them fail badly to keep anyone interested... To close these are some of the non-technical techtalks that I really enjoyed: