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Gentoo word cloud poster

Robert (rbu@gentoo) and I have started playing with yesterday and created this Gentoo word cloud with it: Here's the SVG source file (licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0). We made a 120x70 cm² poster from that for LinuxTag, cutting and glueing pieces together ourselves today. Please excuse the image quality. 3D excerpt view:

Full view, on table:

Gentoo wordle and Robert/rbu:

I'll try to provide some kind of "sources" (for reproduction of variations at least) next: Worldle text input

ACCEPTLKEYWORDS ACCEPTLKEYWORDS ccache choice choice choice community community community compilation compilation control customization customization debug distcc documentation documentation ebuilds ebuilds ebuilds empowerment eselect eselect flame~wars FreeBSD GCC GCC Gentoo Gentoo Gentoo Gentoo Gentoo Gentoo Gentoo Larry Layman Linux Linux make.conf make.conf OpenRC optimization overlays overlays overlays package.mask Paludis perfection pkgcore portability portability Portage Portage Portage Portage~Prefix slots source~code source~code source~code speed speed USE USE USE USE USE USE USE USE volunteer~developers webapp-config webapp-config world~file Forums Wiki Summer~of~Code Summer~of~Code Bugzilla repoman USELEXPAND you kernel wireless stage server bash unicode rsync GRUB Foundation sunrise free~software free~software open~source open~source handbook catalyst gentoolkit colors colors baselayout sandbox genkernel etc-update crossdev

Note, that we produces underscores from big "L"s and cutting them down with Inkscape. No, really. Further wordle settings were:

  • Font = Meloche RG Bold
  • Layout = Straight Edges + Mostly Horizontal
  • Color = Ghostly + A little variance

With a small "patch" for net-print/poster we made it produce pages that overlapped strongly:

--- poster-20050907/poster.c
+++ poster-20050907/poster.c
@@ -949,7 +949,7 @@
            "/posteryb %d def\n"
            "/do_turn %s def\n"
            "/strg 10 string def\n"
-           "/clipmargin 6 def\n"
+           "/clipmargin 150 def\n"
            "/labelsize 9 def\n"
            "/tiledict 250 dict def\n"
            "tiledict begin\n"

For normal posters that's no use but for our case with words scattered on a white background it allowed flexible cutting of pages so we had to hurt no letters, in hope to produce a higher quality result. Come by at the booth to see it with your own eyes :-)