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Fwd: Thanks from a Gentoo user

The mail below reached the PR team today. I felt like sharing it with you.

Dear Gentoo Team, As a Linux user for the past 5 years, I've been messing around with running Linux as a server and desktop at home, as I have always appreciated what is in my opinion a superior outlook on computing by the open source community. Over this time, I have bounced from distro to distro, trying to find a system that didn't hold my hand, and let me do whatever I needed to do. Only now that I've acheived a working installation of Gentoo have I found what I've been searching for. Your distribution allowed me to get only what I need, without any waste. Compiling everything from source, while counterproductive to my air conditioner, is truly the way to go (again, just my opinion). I also realized your team probably doesn't get any messages that aren't asking for help on some obvious mistake, or to address a bug. I'd like to take this moment to express my sincere gratitude, not only for the Gentoo, but for all the people who make it possible. I wish you well, you have my sincere gratitude and appreciation. Sincerely, Capri Gomez