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Fwd: CHVRCHES — The Bones of What You Believe

I ran into Recover by CHVRCHES on SoundCloud a few days ago. I bought the album a few days ago and it has been spinning in loop ever since. I wanted a compact disc edition and the related album page on MusicBrainz helped me in finding what edition to buy. I ended up with the 14 tracks "European Limited Edition" from

  1. The Mother We Share [Explicit]
  2. We Sink [Explicit]
  3. Gun
  4. Tether
  5. Lies
  6. Under The Tide
  7. Recover
  8. Night Sky
  9. Science/Visions
  10. Lungs
  11. By The Throat
  12. You Caught The Light
  13. Strong Hand
  14. The Mother We Share (Errors RMX) [Explicit]

Check it out! Disclaimer: The cover art is copyright by CHVRCHES. I don't make money from the link to Amazon.