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Fwd: Chris Lonsdale — How to learn any language in six months

I haven't been watching TED talks for a while. No idea how that happened! I enjoyed a few shorter ones earlier today. Of those, I would like to share How to learn any language in six months by Chris Lonsdale. In addition, you can find a transcript of the 5 principles and 7 actions that he presents below.

5 principles

  1. Focus on language content that is relevant to you
  2. Use your new language as a tool to communicate from day 1
  3. When you first understand the message you will unconsciously acquire the language
  4. Physiological training
  5. Psychological state matters

7 actions

  1. Listen a lot
  2. Focus on getting the meaning first (before the words)
  3. Start mixing
  4. Focus on the core
  5. Get a language parent
  6. Copy the face
  7. "Direct connect" to mental images