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blkid(8): Superficial comparision of versions from e2fsprogs and util-linux

Both e2fsprogs and util-linux ship a tool blkid: a frontend to the libblkid library. I was interested in the differences between these two tools. From my current understanding, util-linux's is a fork of an older version from e2fsprogs. The change log of util-linux(-ng) 2.15 (shipped with util-linux-2.21.1.tar.xz) reads:

The libblkid library has been moved from e2fsprogs to util-linux-ng.

If I take the help output of blkid of util-linux 2.21.1 and remove everything that blkid of e2fsprogs 1.42.1 already does, I end up with this:

# /sbin/blkid -h
blkid from util-linux 2.21.1 (libblkid 2.21.0, 30-Mar-2012)
 -d          don't encode non-printing characters
 -k          list all known filesystems/RAIDs and exit
 -t <token>  find device with a specific token (NAME=value pair)
 -U <uuid>   convert UUID to device name

Low-level probing options:
 -p          low-level superblocks probing (bypass cache)
 -i          gather information about I/O limits
 -S <size>   overwrite device size
 -O <offset> probe at the given offset
 -u <list>   filter by "usage" (e.g. -u filesystem,raid)
 -n <list>   filter by filesystem type (e.g. -n vfat,ext3)

In addition, parameter -o <format> supports "udev" and "export" more.