Skip to main content is nothing new: people write a custom one for every Autotools-based project they work on, unless they use autoreconf and that actually works. I found myself within this set when I stumbled upon project buildconf on SourceForge. What Sean Morrison is working on there is a universal one-file tool to save people from writing these custom almost-identical bootstrap scripts — a universal script. He did a good job: for instance, recursive configures are handled correctly. Technically it's a wrapper around autoreconf but also a replacement where autoreconf is missing. So I gave it a try on my own Autotools based projects. The only thing I missed was downloading of a bleeding-edge config.guess file from GNUlib that I started shipping with releases to better support Haiku. So I communicated with Sean and started adding this feature to the script. Sean improved and extended my patch and started using the end-result with BRL-CAD. The current state is in use at three different places now

and will probably make a new buildconf release after some more testing. If you run an Autotools-based project I'd be interested to hear if buildconf works for you.