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26C3 through Gentoo glasses

[Just a few bits, don't expect completeness here.] We had that big blue banner (first presented on Linux Tag 2009) with us again: it did a great job on promoting our table and on easing up finding the way back. Neighborhood to the Debian table seemed to be peaceful to my impression, though we didn't exchange many patches either. People came by to talk, getting support (like fixing graphical login), getting started with Subversion live ebuilds and to thank us for "the great work" Gentoo people do. The gentoo-users mailing list was praised, too. Quite a few flyers were given out, stickers were asked for and given out repeatedly. Also, Christian Groschupp and me teamed up on a bit of hacking on Layman which was fun, too. Impatient people are welcome to give the Layman live ebuild (app-portage/layman-9999) a spin before the next release is coming out. Looking back I would say it was a good event Gentoo-wise.