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1000+ Gentoo packages in PackageMap

I count 1011 Gentoo packages in the packagemap repository now. I'm serious about packagemap. Through an extra script it got a little bit easier today for you to join in: To add an entry for package "dev-libs/icu" to the map you

  • do a quick research about the package's vendor (and find "ibm")
  • decide for a product name ("libicu" here, "lib" prefix for all libraries)
  • run a script :
cd code/gentoo
./ dev-libs/icu ibm libicu

That script creates a packagemap file database/ibm/libicu.xml for you, that's it. The third parameter (the product name) is optional: The package name ("icu" here) would have been chosen without it. Please consider adding your own Gentoo packages to packagemap yourself this way. I just cannot do it all alone. Thank you!