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(German) Video-Reportage "GAU in Japan"

Für den Hinweis auf dieses Video möchte ich mich bei bedanken: Es hat bei mir neue Einsichten zur Situation heute in Japan und damals in Thernobyl produzieren können. Da ich das Video für interessant und wichtig halt, würde ich mich freuen, wenn mehr Menschen dieses Video sehen.

(PS: Mein VLC hatte Schwierigkeiten mit dem Video-Codec, mit MPlayer liefen Bild und Ton aber einwandfrei)

.fuse_hidden files

When playing around with FUSE code I stumbled upon files with names like /tmp/.fuse_hidden0000022500000001. I didn't really find good documentation but a hint on file deletion. So I tried to find out more myself. Ignore that it's Python - say we had C code like this:

f = open("foo/output.txt")
os.unlink("foo/output.txt")  # Delete while open

Now what happens when you call unlink on that open file? FUSE renames file foo/output.txt to foo/.fuse_hiddenXXXXXXXXXX with the Xs filled in with a random number. Consecutive calls to your implementation of fuse_operations.write(path, buf, size, offset, file_info) get the new name passed for path. On the call to close() your own fuse_operations.unlink(path) is finally called. A slightly different behavior can be achieved by using mount option hard_remove (by appending -ohard_remove on the command line). With that option passed, a call to unlink does not rename the file but actually deletes it. However, the file descriptor behind f stays open and working. Consecutive calls to write receive NULL as the file-system-absolute filename in path.

Firefox plug-in "HTTPS Everywhere"

I learned about a Firefox plug-in HTTPS Everywhere yesterday and immediately fell in love with it. To help you be more secure online it rewrites selected URLs (e.g. Dropbox, GMX, Google search, Paypal) from http:// to https://. The selection can be configured and extended by custom rules. I wonder how I managed to not hear about this thing earlier. Interestingly it comes with built-in support for Gentoo. If you haven't tried it, please do.

genkernel 3.4.13 released


I have just released genkernel 3.4.13 to the testing tree. This release mainly brings:

  • /dev is rescued past the call to switch_root (of Busybox)
  • iBFT support for iSCSI

Below you can find details on the changes since Besides the people contributing bug reports special thanks go to:

  • Peter Hjalmarsson (/dev handling)
  • PhobosK (genkernel.conf extension)
  • Stefan Behte (iBFT support)

Please open bugs for any issues you run into.

Bugs fixed

  • 268468 Add SPLASH and SPLASH_THEME to genkernel.conf
  • 314575 Add iBFT support for iSCSI
  • 353024 Use devtmpfs/tmpfs for /dev
  • 344407 Rescue /dev over to chroot

Thanks for your interest.

GNU Chess 6.x alpha on Gentoo (betagarden overlay)

GNU chess upstream has released an alpha of the upcoming version 6 featuring a different chess engine called "Fruit". If you want to test it in Gentoo, you can find an ebuild in overlay "betagarden".

# layman -a betagarden
# emerge -av =games-board/gnuchess-5.9.91  # or later

genkernel 3.4.12 released


I have just released genkernel 3.4.12 to the testing tree. From a high level point of view this release brings:

  • Proper support for MDADM (software RAID)
  • A few minor bug fixes

Below you can find details on the changes since Besides the people contributing bug reports special thanks go to:

  • Craig Andrews (Testing)
  • Laurent Pinchart (mdmon/IMSM support)
  • Matthias Dahl (Original mdadm patch)
  • Xake (Testing)

Please open bugs for any issues you run into.

Bugs fixed

  • 282100 Add proper mdadm support
  • 351376 Enable CONFIG_USB_SUSPEND for x86/amd64
  • 277607 Replace ${MAKEOPTS/-j?/j1} by ${MAKEOPTS} -j1
  • 263927 Do not query out-of-sync files for kernel version

Thanks for your interest.

genkernel released

This release brings two bugfixes both affecting 3.4.11 (not earlier releases):

  • 351906 Move application of kernel config after make mrproper
  • 351909 busybox 1.18.1: Return of mdstart as an applet (regression)

Special thanks go to Xake. Thanks for your interest.