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libxspf 1.2.0 released

This release features build system changes and fixes, as well as an extension for the C bindings for parsing XSPF from a block of memory. Please see the change log for details. This release is both source- and binary-compatible.

uriparser 0.7.5 released

This release features build system changes and fixes. Please see the change log for details. This release is both source- and binary-compatible.

libbs2b 2.2.1 released

bs2b is short for "Bauer stereophonic-to- binaural DSP", an audio effect increasing headphone listening pleasure. Check the well-explained algorithm details for more. I helped with making a shared library from bs2b using the Autotools family: Autoconf, Automake, Libtool, The just-released libbs2b-2.2.1 is featuring that. bs2b plugins for many popular audio players are already available (e.g. XMMS and Winamp) or in the making and to be released soon (i.e. QMMP). Still, some DSP- supporting players lack a bs2b plugin (e.g. Audacious) and that's a great place for you to step in. Please contact me about details if you're interested. Subversion to Git migration

I'm still at renaming libSpiff to libxspf and as part of that I also decided to move from Subversion to Git. In case anybody plans to do similar here is what I did:

  1. Get a shell account at and write access to /var/www/
  2. Run a few commands only my local shell:
# Fetch old repository
echo "EdSchouten = Ed Schouten <protected>" \
    >> libspiff_authors
echo "hartwork = Sebastian Pipping <protected>" \
    >> libspiff_authors
git svn clone\
svnroot/libspiff --stdlayout \

# Build new bare/remote repository
git clone --bare libspiff libxspf.git
echo "Official libxspf repository" \
    > libxspf.git/description
touch libxspf.git/git-daemon-export-ok

# Upload it
rsync -avz libxspf.git/*\

More on libSpiff/libxspf later.

Git aliases

I just learned about Git aliases:

# git up := git pull --rebase
git config --global alias.up "pull --rebase"

# git st := git status
git config --global "status"

Hire me, I do Free Software

I'm looking for a job with following three required qualities:

  • Producing Free Open Source Software
  • Part time, about two days a week
  • From home or in Berlin, Germany

I'm quite open about the rest though I sure won't do Visual Basic ;-) Being sponsored on continuing development of uriparser would rock, for instance. Check out my CV here:

  • CV Sebastian Pipping (taken off-line)

Mail me, call me, invite me:

Looking forward to hearing from you. Sebastian PS: Thanks to Jason Blevins for his CV template.

I know you know Techtalks

With adopting things I'm probably in (what some people call) the late majority so I'm quite sure anybody coming here knows about Google Techtalks already. I feel like mentioning them now because I just re-realized what they mean to me. From all the input I process Techtalks have always ranked among the most inspiring and interesting material. I never did a post like this without a Techtalk watched just before: Some of them make me dare to be more of myself than I usually do. Some question what is of value to me and why, some make me see things from slightly different angles. Most of all they give a lot of hope to me, as they make up some of all the stuff that produces anger, fear, sadness and despair inside me so easily and often. (I am living in a world that's going to sacrifice the last drops of privacy for the sake of terror prevention, is doing so, because people don't realize terror prevention is not the only thing to care about and therefore should not be allowed to be the only thing to remain. With privacy and security eating each other this doesn't work. How can I not be angry and desperate in a world like this? Sigh. Back to techtalks.) What I find fascinating is that many topics that I am not especially interested in are presented so well, that I don't even have a chance to not get interested. At the same time this puts up hard competition to any course run at my local university - most of them fail badly to keep anyone interested... To close these are some of the non-technical techtalks that I really enjoyed: